Do Removalists Can Help In Moving When It Is Raining?

No one knows that on their moving day, there will be rain or a clear sunny day. Moving in the rainy season adds complications to your moving. You can prepare best from your side to deal with any situation. But when you get unlucky with the weather forecast, then what can you do? Don’t panic when you have a professional moving team with you.

Your moving on a rainy day can be made easy by hiring professional removalists, as they also function in the rainy season. By using the best packing materials and relevant boxes, they protect your valuable treasure from rain and keep them dry throughout the moving process.

What Is Too Much Rain?

When you get to know that outside weather is harsh and it’s raining, then it will be better for you to reschedule your move to another day for the well-being of your family members and professional movers.

Also, if there is hail falling along with the fast winds and you don’t want to get in trouble with the flood-like situation while trekking with the belongings, then you should postpone your moving plan to another day.

Plan For Best

It is good to keep an eye on the weather reports when you know about your moving date. And it becomes important when you have planned your move in the unpredictable season. You can check the previous day’s forecast to get an idea of what will happen on your big day. When you know that you have to move in the rainy season, you should keep a backup of extra packing materials with you that can protect you from the worst conditions. The heavy objects such as the pool table and piano moving should be done with extra attention. For this reason, it is good to keep an umbrella on your car’s backseat so that you can use it whenever required. 

How Can You Minimize The Impact Of Rain On Your Move?

There are certain things that are not under anyone’s control. And rain is one of them. When the rain starts or ends, then it leaves behind certain x-factors such as slower traffic, slippery floors, elongated timeframe, and other things.

Using water resistant packing

  • If you keep your mind prepared with the factors that can offer you stress during your move, then it will be helpful for you. You may encounter some of them:
  • You should be covered with the appropriate attire according to a wet move. 
  • Slow or moderate traffic along the traveling route.
  • Tracks being muddy of the old and new place.
  • Using water-resistant packing material for precious items
  • Keeping a set of additional packing materials, towels, moving boxes, blankets, pop-up shelters handy will be useful. 
  • Removalists getting late from the previous job.

Useful Tips For Moving In Wet Weather

For moving during the rainy season, you will need some waterproof and sturdy shoes or boots whose sole is non-slippery. You should also take some warm clothes with you. Also, a raincoat and poncho will work great as they don’t disturb you during your work.

Besides surfaces, items also get slippery when they get wet, so you need to be careful while lifting any boxes or objects. You need to ensure that the grip should be strong over the box which you are holding. If you have packed them in a good sturdy box, then it will protect your object from any type of harm. For more precaution, you can secure your cardboard box with tape to protect the vulnerable part of the box. You can use plastic wrap to protect the boxes from rainwater.

You should keep some towels handy and remove the water drops from furniture and other things as you notice them. The moving truck should also be checked for inside leaks, and if found any, they should be repaired before loading objects.

Packing And Wrapping For Avoiding The Water Damage

To keep your boxes sealed and protected, you need to ensure that their packing and wrapping are done in the proper manner. Below, we provide some of the points that will help you keep your boxes away from the water and prevent mold and water staining conditions.

  • If you have heavy furniture made of upholstery or leather, you should cover them using plastic wrap, blankets, and tarps, depending upon the weather condition. 
  • The same applies to electronic appliances. You should wrap them properly by using plastic material. 
  • The biggest challenge comes with moving mattresses. Unfortunately, if they get damp, then they will end up with the mold issue, and it takes too much time to get dry. Their weight and dimension make it hard to move them during the bad weather. You need to ensure that there should be a dry surface for laying down the mattress in the moving truck.     
  • The beautiful artworks are more vulnerable to moisture; it can spoil their beauty and texture. There will be a need to purchase the packing boxes that are specially designed for them, and along with them, you should also add some plastic tape. 
  • You should try to pack your heater, fans, hairdryers, and other such equipment in an easy-to-access manner so that you can use them immediately after arriving at your place.

Logistics Tips for a Wet Weather Move

It is good to pack things tightly and secure them from water, but along with this, if you follow some of the logistical points, then you can easily make your move comfortable during rain.

  • Lift With Safety

You should always lift your boxes by offering support from the bottom. Objects get slippery when they are wrapped with plastic, and thus you need to pay extra caution during the rainy season.

  • Arrange Your Boxes

You can use your garage or any large room that is near the entry point for storing the objects. And after that, you should prepare a note of items that are very much important to remain dry. Those objects should be loaded first with precaution. If you group all objects in this manner, then you can complete your moving process with speed.

  • Provide Extra Shelter Near Moving Truck

If possible, you should add some extra shelter near the moving truck. By this, the object does not get wet while loading in the truck.

  • Be Ready For Any Situation

We are talking about everything; the packing, moving process, cleaning will take longer, and traffic will move slower. So you have to keep patience throughout the process. Also, there will be a possibility that your hired professionals will get late from their previous job due to rain.

  • Managing Water And Mud Out Of The House

You can stop the entry of water and mud inside the house by using stoppers. You can use blankets, towels, damaged cardboard boxes, tarps, and anything like this to stop the entry of muddy boots. It becomes more important if your home floor is made of polished wood or carpet is laid. For convenience, you can book a cleaner for the day of moving so that floor remains clean.

What To Do If A Hired Removalist Gets Late Or Cancels Service?

The professional movers will keep informing you about their status if they get late. However, it is very understandable that moving work gets delayed during the rainy season as they have to be more attentive while moving. If your hired removalists cancel at the last moment due to rain, then you can contact Adam Removalists Adelaide, and we will be there to complete your move.

Who Will Be Liable If Removalist Get Any Injury During Move On Rainy Day?

The professional removalists are insured, and if any injury occurs to them, then it’s their company’s responsibility to look into that matter.

Is It More Expensive To Move Houses During Rain More?

The answer to this question varies from company to company. You can expect some slight increase in the prices as local movers charge on the basis of a half-hourly rate. Whereas professional movers open the time window to complete the move depending on the volume of the object, and if that window gets closed, then they will ask for some additional fee for completing the move.

Ways To Speed Up The Things During Rain Move

Yes, till now, we were discussing that rain makes the moving process a little slower, but there are certain points that can help you in completing your move speedily along with saving money during the rainy season.

Here are those points:

  • Be ready as early as possible. 
  • You should have a complete plan of executing the move and help the professional removalists while loading and unloading the items.
  • Try to enjoy the benefit of a break in the weather and transport many possible items. 
  • Try to keep most of the object undercover while loading into the truck and vice versa.

As A Final Point

If you are not prepared well, then moving during the rainy season can become problematic and risky. It is well known that moving on such a day will take more time than usual. Thus, it will be wise to hire professional movers so that your every object gets moved easily. You can get in touch with the expert packers and movers of Adam Removalists Adelaide. We are always available to offer you the best possible assistance.

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