Top 15 House Moving Tips

Anyone who’s moved house will know that no household task is tougher than moving. With that said, through planning and staying organized can help you make easy meat of this colossal task.

If you want your next house move to be stress-free, you can’t afford to not follow these 15 tips.

  1. Itemize everything

When we say ‘itemize everything’ we mean everything. Unless you need to leave your current adobe absolutely immediately, chances are there’s enough time at your hand to plan your move. Usually, people know a month or two in advance that they would be moving, and that’s sufficient time to make a thorough countdown list. List all the tasks that you need to do and also list when you’ll be finishing them.

  1. Plan your move

The next thing you must do is decide how you will be transporting your stuff to your new house. If you are moving just a few blocks away and don’t have a lot of furniture, you can rent out a truck. On the other hand, if your new house is sufficiently far or you have a lot of household stuff, you must hire services of a reputable moving company.

  1. Decide who’ll do the packing

If you’ve a lot of heavy or delicate stuff or you need to travel a long distance, it would be best to let the moving company take care of the packing. Professional packers are able to not only utilize carton space better but also pack your stuff more safely.

  1. Pick the right-sized truck

Unless your new house is just a short distance and multiple trips are not a problem, you would need to ensure the truck you pick has enough space for all your household stuff. Talk to your moving company and they will help you learn which truck size will work best for you.

General guidelines are as follows:

  • For a one-bedroom apartment, 16’ truck is usually sufficient.
  • For a two or three-bedroom apartment, you are likely to need a 26’ truck
  1. Do away with items you don’t need

Go through your belongings and identify things you have long stopped using and are not likely to use again in future. You can host a garage sale. Or, donate your clothing, sell your furniture and other items, and simply throw away things that are no longer usable.

  1. Use green boxes

Your moving company can provide you these. Eco-friendly packing boxes are not expensive and they are just as sturdy as other boxes.

  1. Take inventory

Don’t miss this important step, particularly if a removal company will pack and move your stuff. An inventory list will prove handy in case anything goes missing. Number your boxes and also list the room they need to go.

  1. Check the condo rules

Have you opted for condo living? If yes, familiarize yourself with condo rules in advance. Condos usually have certain restrictions in place, like no move-ins on certain days, advance booking of the service elevator, or fixed timeframe in which you can move in. You will have to deposit a security when you book the service elevator. Typically the amount can be anything between $100 and $500.

  1. Delay deliveries

Have you purchased a new bed, dining table, couch or some other furniture just before your move? If yes, ask the provider to deliver the item after all your stuff has been moved. This way you’ll be able to focus fully on your moving day.

  1. Insure all your valuables

Nearly all moving companies provide insurance cover for valuables. If you’ve hired a moving company, make sure all the valuables are insured. Moving companies have several insurance plans, so ask them about options available to you and take a plan that’s suitable to your needs.

  1. Have your personal kit ready

Put all essentials that you’re going to require, like cleaning supplies, toiletry bag, toilet paper,  an additional set of clothes, etc., on moving day in one separate box.

  1. Be ready to receive your movers

Your movers will give you a time in advance when they will show up on the move day. Ensure you are prepared for them. If you are doing the packing yourself, ensure everything is packed and labeled. Otherwise, things will get unnecessarily delayed.

  1. Hire a trained pet sitter

Do you own a pet? If yes, it would be best to hire a pet sitter while your stuff is being moved. In case you are moving to a new city or state, arrange a safe and suitable transport for your pet.

  1. Link essential services

Ensure you fully understand how electricity and other utility bills are going to be transferred to your name. Also make sure that the cable, internet, and phone line are in working condition.

  1. Treat the movers

Ensure you’ve drinks and snacks ready in ample supply for the moving team, whether it comprises of your family and friends or of hired men.

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